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My Favourite Recent Big Think Articles

Happy New Year!!

To celebrate I have listed a few of my favourite Big Thing Articles that I have read recently.


http://bigthink.com/devil-in-the-data/are-you-a-sociopath -> This article interested me as I have become more interested in socipathy recently, especially due to my obsession with Sherlock.

http://bigthink.com/the-proverbial-skeptic/the-proverbial-skeptics-5-buzzwords-to-stop-using-in-2014 -> Funny article on words we should probably stop using.

http://bigthink.com/21st-century-spirituality/the-art-of-keeping-our-new-years-intentions -> great article on how we must persist and truly stick to our goals for the New Year

http://bigthink.com/risk-reason-and-reality/if-an-icebreaker-gets-trapped-in-the-ice-and-there-are-no-journalists-on-board-to-report-it-is-it-still-news -> interesting article on how ‘news’ is selected and is so subjective

http://bigthink.com/in-their-own-words/how-memory-can-be-a-false-witness -> reminded me of a TOK topic..