Global ethics vs National Interest

The question of Global ethics vs National interest will always be a dilemma for presidents, prime minister and other leaders of countries. One side they were elected to protect the nation they rule in all ways possible but on the other hand, it would be morally right to protect other struggling countries. Or would it? Watch this short interview of Gordon Brown, the UK’s last prime minister on how he states global ethics and global citizenship is just as important as protection for the domestic country.



2 thoughts on “Global ethics vs National Interest”

  1. Gordon Brown, I think, was a flawed figure but a much greater statesman than he has been given credit for. What he says here is, of course, very sensible. The problem with the model of different national self interests competing against each other in a kind of zero-sum game is that the problems which affect us (poverty, global warming, terrorism) require co-operation to solve. Having spent two years as a volunteer teacher in Ethiopia, I became very sceptical about the value and efficacy of aid. I do not think that we even need to appeal to morality in order to help those in the majority world, however, it is just enlightened self-interest that means we should pay regard to our fellow less fortunate human beings. The problem with our politics is not really that it is too parochial but that it is too short-term.

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