Emotion Vs Reason

Many people think of Emotion as the opposite to reason. I agree with this. Searching the internet I found out that the word reason derives from the Greek word logos meaning logic. This shows that reason has been and is considered as using pure logic to explain things. I also found out that emotion comes from the Latin and essentially means without move. The move refers to motivation, so emotion could be described as doing things without motivation. I think these words definitely show the prejudice present in our society towards expressing emotion.

Blaise Pascal said that ‘the heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing’. I think this quote works well in explaining that only some things can be derived through logic (reason) and other things come from within us and are perhaps innate. An example of unrestrained or unconditioned emotion is with children who have not yet become moulded by society.

I would like to think that in the future emotional intelligence will become just as praised and glorified as intellect. This not only because I got a higher score on the quiz than Mr Saha but because I think it is important that however developed we become we should not let go of our primitive intuition – emotion.


One thought on “Emotion Vs Reason”

  1. Fair points here, Mary. I agree with you that our society values reason above emotion but as George Lakoff and Mark Johnson argue in ‘Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought’, just as perception, emotion, and language have evolved through time, so has reason, in conjunction with them. So, according to them, it is artificial and actually wrong to separate reason off from emotion and by implication to privilege it more. I am pleased that you scored more than me in the EI Quiz (no, really!). I hope as you say that your higher level of emotional intelligence will help you to go on and fulfil your considerable potential in life.

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